Finding Christmas Jobs for 2013 in Manchester

Although Christmas is still a few months away, planning for the big day can take a long time. Paying for the festive celebrations and the presents can bring a lot of financial strain to families so a temporary Christmas job could come in handy. The best places to look for Christmas Jobs for 2013 in Manchester include shops, pubs and restaurants as their trade increases during the Christmas celebrations.


High street shops often account for a large portion of their annual takings at Christmas so there’s normally additional work in the retail sector. Of course, you stand a better chance of getting a placement if you have previous experience of working within a retail environment but that’s not always necessary.

With 240 stories and 25 eateries, the Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre in the heart of the city could be a great place to look for temporary seasonal work. If you live outside of the city centre the Trafford Centre in the Greater Manchester area will offer plenty of opportunities as it’s the second largest shopping centre in the United Kingdom.

Pubs and restaurants

Jobs in pubs and restaurants also appear during the festive period. These jobs are not limited to waiter and waitress roles as the Christmas time period also creates additional work for doormen at clubs and pubs especially in Manchester city centre.

Recruitment agencies

It's often best to go through a recruitment agency when looking for short term work but websites like indeed.co.uk and totaljobs.com are always advertising seasonal work. Other sites that you may not have thought to check for Christmas jobs for 2013 in Manchester include gumtree.com and manchestereveningnews.co.uk.

Final Word

Recruitment Agency tend to advertise Christmas jobs many months before the festive season begins so they can attract the best candidate, so as with your plans for the big day, you shouldn’t leave searching for Christmas Jobs for 2013 in Manchester until the last minute or you might be disappointed.

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