Exciting Christmas jobs for 2013 in London

Christmas is one of the busiest seasons where millions of people from all over the world celebrate the joyous occasion by giving gifts, getting together or hosting parties. The recent HSBC Christmas Spending Survey revealed that almost 50% of Britons are not planning to cut back on gifts. Hence, whether you are a student looking for extra money for shopping or are unemployed, you will find Christmas jobs this 2013 in London.

Types of jobs

If you are a student looking for a part or full time job, then you’re in luck for Christmas jobs this 2013 in London are abundant.

  • Services sector

Extra hands are needed everywhere whether it’s the bar across the street or the restaurant at the mall. You can find a job as a waitress or kitchen helper. Other vacancies include positions as cooks, bakers or barmen. You can also do waitress jobs or assist in events. From playing Santa to helping out at the tills, there are several odd jobs you can do.

  • Be part of fund raising events

Whether you are just sociable or have a genuine interest to help people, now is a great opportunity to do both and earn money. You might sell gifts, curio items or greeting cards. Or, you can also become an event planner or assistant. Charity or fundraising work pays from £7 to £10 per hour and sometimes even uncapped bonuses.

  • Production staff

Production of Christmas gifts and novelty items has tight deadlines which is why factories and business with these niche products find it easy to cope with their large orders by hiring part time workers. This is another way to earn cash by working in production and assembly. Companies offer pay of £6+ per hour.

  • Other positions

Other popular jobs include Christmas advisors and fundraisers. You can also try customer service, hospitality and entertainment positions. Sales advisors are highly in demand as well. For example, there are several openings at Currys to provide customer support for Phones4you. Salaries are competitive with industry standards.

Catering, retail, production and logistics are areas where you can find Christmas jobs for 2013 in London. Whether you are looking for a full or part time occupation, the festive season is a good period to find seasonal jobs or even something permanent if you are considering a career switch or move.

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