Christmas Jobs To Consider for 2013 in Liverpool

With companies planning their Christmas parties many months before the big day and shops preparing for the festive seasons months in advance, it’s no wonder that families are getting their Christmas plans sorted out earlier than ever before. Planning the feast, getting presents and arranging for transport for relatives takes money, so many of us get a Christmas job. If you're in the market, what sort of Christmas jobs are available for 2013 in Liverpool?


Supermarkets often have job roles at Christmas time that don’t require experience of working in a shop or working with the public. Some of these roles involve working within the warehouse, and the presence of additional customers during the shop’s opening hours creates new temporary night worker jobs as the shelves need restacking while the store is closed. Liverpool has 297 supermarkets and similar outlets so there's no shortage of work in this area.

Other roles

Other job roles Christmas jobs for 2013 in Liverpool could include taxi driver roles as more of us venture out for the evening over Christmas and the New Year. With 551 takeaways in Liverpool, delivery driver jobs also appear during this time of year as takeaway restaurants increase their trade.

Santa Claus Grottos

If none of these jobs grab your attention perhaps department stores in your area will be offering roles as a Santa Clause. In fact the world’s first Santa’s Grotto was opened in Lewis's Bon Marche Department Store in Liverpool back in 1879, so there should be plenty of work in that area. It was entitled “Christmas Fairyland” and has since become such a staple of the city's festive period that there are always plenty of Christmas jobs for 2013 in Liverpool as a department shop Santa.

Final Word

Getting Christmas jobs for 2013 in Liverpool could be a job in itself if you don't look in the right places. Websites like fish4.co.uk and totaljobs.com are a good place to start your search but you will also find work at the websites for the city's local newspapers - liverpooldailypost.co.uk and liverpoolecho.co.uk.

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