Where to Find Christmas Jobs for 2013 in Leeds

Christmas is a great time of year but it's also an expensive one. There's always a feast to pay for, presents to buy and extra expenses you didn't see coming. Spending extra money might mean having to earn extra money. Getting Christmas Jobs in 2013 in Leeds or the surrounding area could be difficult if you don't start early enough.

Post Office

There are nearly 300 post offices and sub-post offices in and around Leeds, most of which will need extra staff to handle the additional post during the festive period. The Royal Mail has already announced in the Yorkshire Evening Post that they're creating 600 Christmas jobs in 2013 in Leeds. There are tight deadlines to meet and you will have to be fit to stand for long periods or walk the rounds with a heavy mailbag so this isn't a job everyone can handle.

High street

Leed's compact city centre is home to several designer stores and high street shops which will be looking for additional workers over the Christmas period. You might find work in the Victoria Quarter or The Corn Exchange for December. If not, the city's supermarkets and major retailers often employ additional staff through December as the lead up to Christmas is often their busiest time of year.

Major retailers

Boots are a major Christmas employer across the nation as they take an additional 7,000 workers each year. Their stores on Albion Arcade and on Aire Street will be advertising temporary jobs in the lead up to the big day. Matalan are another, with 5,000 additional roles available across the country in their 212 stores, 9 of which are located in or around Leeds.

Final Word

There are 459 recruitment agencies in Leeds and the surrounding area covering all sectors of the market. Most temporary jobs will be listed with agencies or shown online. Places like totaljobs.com and gumtree.com list temporary Christmas jobs for 2013 in Leeds, but you should also check out yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk.

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