Christmas Jobs for 2013 in Birmingham

Every year, for the last few months, certain employers take on a host of extra staff in order to meet the extra customer demand in the lead up to Christmas. If you are looking to secure some seasonal work this year then we have plenty of information for you about Christmas jobs for 2013 in the Birmingham area.

Lots of Options this Christmas

In terms of Christmas jobs in 2013 in Birmingham, there are definitely a few of the usual suspects that take on staff every single year for a few months. Foremost among these is Argos who take on approximately 7,000 extra staff each and every Christmas in both full and part time roles. With a Christmas job at Argos there is also a strong possibility that your position could be extended to a full time position should you perform well during the festive period.

A great resource to go to for other seasonal jobs in Birmingham is www.indeed.co.uk. On Indeed, there are numerous seasonal jobs advertised and these are available across all sectors. You can find work as a part time sales associate with H Samuel, as well as numerous temporary positions in the bar and catering industry as a bartender, waiter and even as a temporary events administrator.

Another great way to search the Birmingham area for temporary jobs this Christmas is to visit www.totaljobs.com/JobSeeking/Christmas. Here you will find a variety of jobs again ranging from a Christmas Processing Post worker with the Royal Mail to distributing Christmas Catalogues and products with The Freedom Team.

Get in Touch Quickly

The trick with securing a temporary job around Christmas time is to get your application in ASAP. There are many Christmas jobs in 2013 in Birmingham but don't be fooled, the competition will be fierce as many people in the region will be looking to earn a few extra pounds to help them pay their way this Christmas.

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