Social networking sites: a way to find Christian employment online

The Internet is a great place to look for Christian employment. Whether you are looking for a Christian Ministry job or employment with Christian employers, the Internet offers virtually limitless information, resources and work opportunities to help you land your dream job.

Understandably, the virtually limitless information, resources and job opportunities available online can prove overwhelming. However, with proper planning, forethought and the right strategy, you can find the Christian employment opportunity you seek.

Conventional Online Job Hunt Methods

Traditionally, job seekers use different methods to find jobs online. These methods can also be used to find Christian employment. Some of the methods include:

1. Browsing job boards and researching job trends online using popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2. Applying for advertised jobs on job sites, which involves preparing and submitting a good CV, cover letter and other testimonials highlighting your skills and experiences to potential employers.

3. Signing up with online recruiting agencies that search for jobs opportunities on your behalf.

Social Network Searches

A less conventional but equally effective (if not more effective) method of securing a Christian job is to use social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites allow you take advantage of your network of friends to spread the word that you are looking for a job.

  • Facebook

Post a Facebook status update indicating that you are looking for a Christian job. Usually, within a short time your network of friends will see your post and spread word of the post to their friends who in turn will pass the message to their friends.

The chances of someone in this extended network of friends informing you about or introducing you to a potential Christian employer they know becomes high. Make sure, however, to choose the words of your post carefully to avoid appearing desperate or spammy.

  • LinkedIn

This is a social network for networkers. Typing in the site’s search box the Christian companies or organisations you want to work for. A list of friends, friends-of-friends and even friends-of-friends-of-friends who work in the companies will display.

Check the CVs of the persons in the job position you want as well as employment opportunities and internal job advertisements in the company. Also, investigate the organisational structure of the organisations you are interested in before you place your application for a position or go for an interview in the company.

You may also request a friend who is connected to the organisation to recommend or introduce you to potential Christian employers.

  • Twitter

Use Twitter and the other social networking sites to connect with people and companies in much the same way you use Facebook or LinkedIn. Engage your contacts in conversations with the view to secure Christian employment.

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