We take a look for Chorlton retail jobs

If you have previous experience working within retail then you'll probably be aware of the fact that the high staff turnover in the sector usually means that there are plenty of jobs to be had in the larger towns and cities across the United Kingdom. As well as that, you'll realise just how fast moving, enjoyable and challenging it can be to work on the front line of the retail industry.

However, if you have no previous work experience in retail then you needn't worry. One of the most important things about any successful retail worker is their ability to interact with people and work well under pressure. If you think that you fulfil both of those criteria, you should be able to find yourself a job with a little bit of perseverance.

The majority of the Chorlton retail jobs available are positions working as a sales assistant or cashier in the supermarkets in the area. These positions pay around £5.93 to £6.15 per hour but, depending on the store, you'll also be given plenty of different opportunities during your time there to work your way through the ranks with internal promotions.

With so many different retailers located in the Chorlton area, it's important that you make the right decision for your own needs. We recommend you speak to employees past and present to ensure that you get the full low down on how they treat staff, how often promotion opportunities arise, how much overtime is available and what the overall atmosphere in the workplace is like. That should help you to make an informed decision.

If you aren't sure where all your local supermarkets are located, this list below contains all the major ones for your perusal;

  • Sainsburys, Edleston Road
  • Tesco, 613 Crewe Road
  • Co-Operative, 1 Rope Lane
  • Spar, Wells Green SPSO, Rope Lane


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