Childminding Jobs In Dublin

Dublin, like any other large urban area or modern city, has a thriving population. What you may not know is that with one of the youngest populations in Europe, Dublin is in need of childminders.

Childminding jobs in Dublin can be difficult to find because of the nature of the work. In the past it has been seen as a way to earn extra pocket money for teenagers but now more and more young professionals and students are seeing the possibilities for responsible adults to supervise children.

The work itself generally comes in on of two ways, casual work via word of mouth or via an agency. With casual work it is important to remember that whilst you are minding children in a part-time capacity, children are the most precious thing in the world to parents.

The key to success, and repeat business, is to be professional. Excellent time keeping is a must, ensuring you are on time for all appointments will help to build your reputation and the aim with casual babysitting is to ensure your business grows via word of mouth. The old maxim states that a person will tell twice the amount of people about a bad experience than they will about a good experience.

With this in mind, one should always have a clear list of instructions for the duration of the childminding job. Knowing what food children can or cannot have, bed times, nap times and contact information is key. Being prepared for every eventuality is the key to success AND repeat business. It makes the job much easier and less stressful and leads to happy parents. Happy parents give excellent references!

When considering a role with an agency other factors come into play. One must still be professional as with casual work but when enrolling with an agency you will be required to undergo Garda vetting. Garda vetting is a legal requirement in Ireland for anyone who is working professionally with children as part of a registered organisation.

As such, if you are considering a childminding job in Dublin with an agency you will need this certification. This process will be done via the agency you intend to work with and can take up to eight weeks to complete, however the good news is that it is free and it lasts for three years. In addition to this most agencies will require two references from prior positions, though these do not have to be childminding positions in Dublin.

Once approved you will be on their roster of child minders who they send jobs to via email or mobile phone. This is normally based on geographic area although with large agencies who may be offered jobs outside of your catchment area. Each agency has its own fee structure but most pay a fee per hour which can vary depending on the day or time.

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