Find the right recipe for success with chef training

You might feel you are a natural in the kitchen, but raw talent needs a little preparation and presentation. Chef training courses can provide the knowledge and qualifications to set your career on the right track.

For a complete grounding in the skills a top restaurant chef will require, the Ashburton Chefs Academy (ashburtonchefsacademy.co.uk) in Devon offers professional development courses for aspiring and existing chefs.

Their Professional Culinary Diploma is a 6 month, accredited course that has been devised to train head chefs to the highest calibre. A qualification from the academy is an entry into the profession as a committed professional with outstanding culinary skills, alongside the kind of managerial acumen required in the modern restaurant business. Courses start in January and July and the fees start from (take a deep breath) £13,995.

The Tante Marie Culinary School (tantemarie.co.uk) in Woking offers a range of professional chef training and cookery schools, as recommended by Gordon Ramsay.

They offer a Cordon Bleu Diploma course over the duration of an academic year, preparing chefs for this important professional qualification. Course fees are a startling £18,250 although that does include a set of knives and a uniform.

If those kinds of fess are prohibitive, there are less exalted establishments that can offer respected chef training courses at a fraction of the cost.

Visit the Hot Courses site at hotcourses.com to check the range of chef training courses that are available. You can search by area to find the right qualification on your doorstep.

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