Where to find the best chef job agencies online

Chef job agencies have sprung up all over the web as a response to the huge number of new chef positions created by new businesses and an increase in large catering contracts.

Chef's World - chefsworld.net

Chef's World is one of the leading and very popular chef job agencies in existence online. They have a wide range of information available both for chefs themselves and for employers, which ranges from chef forums and chef galleries, to facilities for employers to search CVs and get ideas about the best candidates for their positions. The Chef's World website is very easy to navigate and you can find all the information you need straight from the homepage.

Chef Jobs - chefjobs.co.uk

Again, another one of the leading chef job agencies is the aptly named "Chef Jobs". Chef Jobs use a familiar web layout in order that people can search the jobs available with ease and they also provide a great range of information on chef careers and job opportunities. They even have sections for chef training if you are not already qualified. Chef Jobs do charge to post advertisements on their site and you can check the rates by looking on their website.

Chef Agency - hchefagency.co.uk

Chef Agency is a recruitment company that enjoys a good reputation from those who work in the chef industries. They take a leading position amongst the online chef job agencies and clearly attract the best employers with many jobs being offered with salaries in excess of £50,000. Their website is clear and concise and if you have any problems in finding work or navigating the site, the company contact details are to hand so that you can contact them easily.


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