Find a great position with chef employment agencies

Being a chef means that you have a love of food and creativity and if you’re bored in your current position, then looking for a new job through chef employment agencies can be the answer. Having spent years in training, you want the ability to explore new dishes. If your job has become a bore and you’re ready to move on, we have a list of agencies that can put you in a new kitchen.

A Place to Start

Before you start your job search, check in at chefsworld.net. The is not a recruitment agency, but the website offers a great deal of helpful information to those who work in the industry. There are forums where chefs can rate their current employers, recipes and experiences, good and bad. There are chef jobs listed and you can upload your CV for prospective employers.

Agencies Specialising in Chef Positions

It’s impossible to determine the best chef job agencies online as all recruitment agencies feel that they are the best at what they do. Participating in some chef forums may give you some insight on this. Here is a partial list of the many recruitment agencies in the UK.

  • ChefsJobsuk.co.uk
  • ChefforAllSeasons.co.uk
  • ChefForChefs.co.uk
  • RhubarbRecruitment.com
  • AnnStewart.org.uk
  • ChefsontheMove.co.uk – covers Scotland
  • ChefsinScotland.co.uk

Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Perusing the local newspaper isn’t likely to provide many job openings for a chef. Going to several recruitment agencies can produce much better results. Agencies have access to hundreds of job listings that range the entire gambit of cooking and hospitality-based positions. You’ll find yourself a new job much faster when listing your CV with a recruitment agency that specialises in chefs and cooking.

Salary to Expect

A general head chef/cook can expect to earn around £9.36 to £19.76 an hour, while a sous chef can earn £6.84 to £10.33. An executive chef will earn £9.87 to £24.54 an hour and a chef assistant can earn from £5.65 to £13.16. One of the many chef employment agencies listed can help put you in one of these exciting positions.


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