Check this out for all the information on finding Luton jobs for students

Students have more than enough on their plate without needing to worry about a seemingly never ending job search. If it's not exam pressure then it's ongoing assessment, lectures and study time that's the major concern. We really sympathise for the hardworking students out there who not only have to put all their effort into the academic side of things, but who also have to worry about finding a part time job in order to pay the bills and keep themselves afloat during the school year.

Those of you looking for Luton jobs for students will know that it's certainly a lot easier said than done when it comes to finding a suitable job that will be as flexible as you need when it comes to hours. Fortunately, we're here to help you get the job that's right for you.

Like so many areas in the United Kingdom, your best chance at finding Luton jobs for students jobs will come from within the retail sector. However rather than taking a look at all the trendy and upmarket stores in the major shopping districts, we recommend you focus your attention on the supermarkets.

These supermarkets usually have plenty of cashier or customer service positions available which pay around £5.93 per hour. You'll be expected to deal with the public on an ongoing basis, as well as ensuring that the store is well represented by your actions.

To make your search a little easier, we have listed some of the biggest supermarkets in the Luton area below. Simply call into each one and enquire about vacancies in order to find a position that suits you as quickly as possible;

  • Tesco, 57 The Mall Arndale
  • Sainsburys, 34 Dunstable Road
  • Lidl, Francis Street, Town Centre
  • Costcutter, 97-99 Castle Street
  • Ashcroft Supermarket, 47-53 Bute Street


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