Check out these temping jobs in Surrey

With the economy the way it currently is, it is not surprising that so many people are getting overwhelmed with the idea of their job prospects. With there being so many job seekers applying for the same limited number of employment opportunities, anyone could become stressed out. But this can be avoided if you are willing to take matters into your own hands and find yourself the job that you deserve. A great place to get your foot in the door is by applying for temping jobs.

Temping jobs can vary, it depends on the field, but one option that is there is that of a receptionist or administrative assistant. But before you can apply, you need to make sure you can check all the boxes for the job's requirements.

First and foremost, you will need to be a speedy and accurate typer who can handle high pressure situations in which you may have to take dictation on things that will only be said once. On top of this, you will need to be a master at navigating the internet and you should know the Microsoft Office Suite like the back of your hand. Also, depending on which industry you are a receptionist for, you may also be required to know other software suites.

Another essential aspect of this job is to have an excellent phone manner. This is truly important as you will be the first line of contact for your business. As well, knowledge of, or experience with, a variety of telephone switchboards is a great plus for this field.

You can expect to earn between £13.50 and £17.10 per hour of your time, with the lower end reserved for those with minimal to no experience. If you are interested in temping jobs in Surrey, whether it be a receptionist position or something else, we recommend you look at www.reed.co.uk.


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