Check out these possible Blackpool student jobs

It is that time of the year where students are free from the responsibilities of school, but now look for the responsibilities that come with summer employment. Are you one of these students? Do you live in Blackpool? If you said yes to these questions, then you are in luck. We will be taking a look at some possible Blackpool student job jobs.

Some great places to look for summer jobs are your local supermarkets and shopping centres. These jobs tend to offer flexible hours, a wide range of positions, and you will be able to earn between £5.15 to £6.00 per hour of your time.

Supermarkets are a great place to start your summer job search, especially if you do not have any reservations about working with food. The supermarket offers a variety of different job opportunities, from working in the bakery making baked goods to working in the deli or stocking shelves with products and produce. If you think this would be work environment you would like to explore, here are some local supermarkets you can check out:

Tesco Stores130-132 Central DriveBlackpool01253 026 9389

Marks & Spencer PLC49 Church StreetBlackpool01253 623 831

But if the supermarket isn't really your scene, then why not check out your local shopping centre. There are a variety of stores for you to choose from, each having a special niche, like fashion, electronics, and music. A good local shopping centre to look into is Hounds Hill Shopping Centre. This mall has a large range of stores from Boots to TK Maxx and HMV to H&M.

Hounds Hill Shopping Centre17 Victoria StreetBlackpool01253 624 722

Now that you have some ideas as to where to apply, you should focus on your CV. Do you think you need to update yours or do you need to make a completely new one? Then we recommend you take a look at www.cvwriting.com. This website offers a wealth of information pertaining to writing a professional resume that will, no doubt, impress your future employer.

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