Check out the 2012 London Olympics volunteering opportunities

The Olympics are a great event that are held every two years (alternating between winter and summer). And that time has come, once again, for people young and old, to come out and volunteer for the next Summer Olympics. You may be thinking, "what can I do?". Well, you are in luck, we are going to be taking a look at the 2012 London Olympics volunteering opportunities that are out there.

The Olympics are a great tradition and to be part of such a tradition, even as a volunteer, is a great honour. But how do you apply? Well, firstly, you will need to fill out an application to become a Games Maker. This can be done by visiting the London Olympics website: www.london2012.com. Once you have completed the application, you will have to wait to hear if you were selected to attend the Selection Events.

The Selection Events are where successful applicants get their first taste of the excitement that surrounds the Summer Olympics. This is where they will learn more about London 2012 as well, they will have a 30-minute, face-to-face interview.

If you successfully make it through the selection events, you will then be made an offer for a role as a Games Maker. But do not expect to hear soon about whether or not you will be a Games Maker, as there are already over 240,000 applicants, and it will take time to process them all. You can expect to hear from them sometime at the end of 2011.

If you do hear back, then congrats to for becoming a volunteer.

If you know someone who is interested in 2010 London Olympics volunteering, refer them to www.2012london.com.

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