Check out jobs as an NHS volunteer

A great way to spend your free time, even if it is just an hour or two, is to volunteer. Volunteering is a truly rewarding way of using for time because it allows you to give something back to the community you live in. We are going to be taking a look at some jobs as an NHS volunteer.

What can you gain from volunteering? As a volunteer you will actually help improve your health. As odd as it sounds, volunteering helps extend your life expectancy as well as the ability to cope your own ill health, whenever you are sick. Aside for that, as a volunteer you improve your family relationships (since you become more compassionate) as well as meet new people. While volunteering you may also notice a improved self-esteem and sense of purpose because you know that you are helping out and it actually will make you feel really good about yourself.

But volunteering is not just good for you, it is an amazing thing for those you are helping out. While volunteering with the NHS, you may have to deal with people who have long-term conditions that may cause their self-esteem or interpersonal skills to dwindle. As a volunteer, you actually help them by being an additional support system.

What types of jobs NHS volunteer are there? Well, depending on your skills and what you feel comfortable doing, there are a bunch of different possibilities out there. Some of them include being a dinner companion (you would be assisting patients with their eating and drinking), a ward helper (you will be running errands on the ward you are assigned to, as well as chatting, reading and befriending patients), clerical work (you would be phoning patients, performing data entry, photocopying and filing) or even a receptionist (you would welcome patients and guide them to the department that they need to go as well as answer basic enquires).

Some great online resources to help you find volunteering opportunities are:




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