How to find cheap First Aid courses

Why complete a first aid course?

Aside from the obvious benefits in that you can help to save lives and save suffering, first aid courses give you an edge over competitors at job interviews and help you to stand out at selection days. First aid courses are also a great opportunity to get into charity work and can be the perfect entry into first aid volunteering at national sporting events and activity events.

Which first aid course is the best?

Not all cheap first aid courses will be the same. Some will cover basic first aid, others might only cover first aid for the workplace and some others will cover specialist subjects like defibrillator and oxygen training. You need to assess your own needs carefully before you sign up to a course because places can be very limited and leaving half way through sacrifices someone else's chance of completing the course. Work out when you would need to know about certain things. Do you work with certain chemicals at work that you would need extra training for? Are you a sports coach who would benefit from sports injury specific training? Asking these sorts of questions reveals the best avenues for your training.

Courses Through Charities

Courses are often run by the British Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance Service respectively. There are a great number of locations throughout the country where you can apply for a place at the courses and places are usually advertised local through posters and adverts in local publications. You can also find out the contact details for your local branch online and contact the course leaders directly. Many of these courses are either free or are heavily subsidised through the charities to make them more accessible to the general public.

Courses Through Work

Doing a course through work counts as extra professional training and as such you can usually get the courses for free or subsidised by your company. Ask about further training opportunities and you will be giving the right impression along with encouraging others to get involved in first aid.

Evening Courses

Some evening class companies offer first aid training but these courses are rarely cheap. You might be able to get funding however, so check out local charities and organisations who may be able to sponsor you to get involved. Again, if you are doing first aid training for work, then cheap first aid courses will become available to you in the evenings through company subsidies.


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