Could you be suitable for chat line jobs from home?

We'll be honest, the majority of chat line jobs from home are for "adult" calling services. This involves you engaging in flirtatious and erotic conversations with customers. Although most of the call lines are open 24 hours, the busiest periods are between 10pm and 2am. This allows employees the flexibility to log on and top up their regular income when they wish.

Rates of pay are generally very good - up to £15 per hour. This is well above the industry average for call centre jobs - but then again, this is no ordinary call centre job.

To get the job as an adult call operator, you'll need to be over 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit - in fact, mature call operators are in demand for specialised call services. There are opportunities for men, but these are few and far between.

You'll need to be open minded and imaginative (i.e. able to adapt and respond to unexpected questions and comments). Full training is provided, so don't be put off by the fact that you wouldn't know what to say!

As with any call centre job, you'll need good customer service skills. Like any other service provider, adult call line companies want to create happy customers who will use the service again and again.

A pleasant phone voice and a smooth telephone manner are also highly desirable.

Finally, you'll need to be thick skinned. As with any other customer-orientated job, people can be rude, nasty and offensive. You'll need to be able to leave these comments behind when you hang up the phone at the end of the day.

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