How to make the most out of charity jobs

Charity jobs offer rewarding work, travel and look great on your CV. Here we offer tips about making the most of them.

Focus on your strengths

Charity jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and which organisation you end up working for will depend on suitability and qualifications. Making the right choice will really boost what you get out of your volunteer work.

Perhaps you enjoy working with babies, youngsters or teenagers. You’ll make the most from your job if you hone in on areas where there is a high demand for volunteers, and the work they do is particularly respected. There are many projects running throughout poorer pasts of the world, working with war or disease orphans in Asia and Africa. Emergency relief work is essential, and you could find yourself delivering food and medicine to extremely vulnerable people.


If you really want to make the most of your experience, then prepare to immerse yourself in your tasks. If you embrace your work with enthusiasm, this will rub off on your workmates and, most importantly of all, the people you are serving. This could include anything from really mucking in with building latrines for an isolated village or arranging sporting activities with child amputee victims.


It goes without saying that the more time you can commit to volunteering, the more you’ll get out of it. Staying up to a year on a project will really build trust with your clients, as well as boosting your own confidence.


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