A career in charity fundraising

Jobs in charity fundraising are a great option for entry-level job seekers, or job seekers who want to make the move into the charity sector. Here we look at what's involved with these jobs, what rate of pay you can expect and what skills you'll need to get the job.

What are charity fundraising jobs?

The most common type of charity fundraising jobs are street fundraising jobs. We will therefore concentrate on these roles in this article.

Street fundraising involves stopping members of the public on busy streets, telling them about your charity and its causes, and asking them to make a regular donation. If the person agrees to make a donation, you will then record his or her details - sometimes including confidential financial details. In other cases, you'll get the name and number of the person and another team will follow up later for the other details.

How much do charity fundraising jobs pay?

Compared to other entry-level jobs, charity fundraising jobs are well paid. Hourly rates tend to hover between £9 and £15 per hour.

However do bear in mind that you'll be working outside in all weathers and you will be expected to meet challenging sales targets.

What skills do you need to get a job in charity fundraising?

For most employers in this sector, it's all about personality. Prior experience in sales or customer service is a huge bonus, as is some evidence of being committed to the charity's aims, but the right personality and drive is often enough to secure a job.

So what sort of personality do charity fundraising employers look for? They're looking for extroverts, who are friendly, polite and good with people.

They are also looking for some creativity: what approach could you use to get people to stop on a busy street? A sense of humour and a strong drive to meet targets are also highly desirable.

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