Charity careers: Common types of charity work for professionals

It is easy to get caught up in the bustle of everyday living and overlook or fail to see that the world is full of needs, injustice, hardship and people who need care and help. Charity organisations work within community settings to eradicate and or alleviate these rampant world problems as well as uphold human rights. People who take up charity careers help in the day-to-day running of the charities and work to make the world a better place.

Career Fields in Charities

Charity careers vary widely, depending on the nature and size of the organisation. Large charities often have highly complex structures with specific and specialist career options comparable to those found in public and commercial sectors. Small organisations, on the other hand, often have less defined roles because they can only afford to pay a couple of people at any given time.

Different roles in both large and small charities, however, overlap with roles in the commercial sector, such as finance, marketing and public relations. This means almost any expertise you have can find application in a charity setting. The common areas of work or fields professionals can find employment in charity organisations include:

  • Charity administration
  • Community work
  • Aid/humanitarian work
  • Charity fundraising, and
  • Volunteer coordination

Professionals in charity administration perform a variety of administrative, financial and human resources tasks, while community/aid workers provide needed aid and support for self-improvement to disadvantaged individuals or groups in society.

Charity fundraisers are essentially the equivalent of marketing and sales persons in business; and volunteer coordinators are responsible for recruiting, training and managing voluntary workers.

When choosing the career field you want to follow, it is important to consider your skills, talents and expertise. Considering these things can help in identifying the areas/fields that are a good fit for you.

Bottom line

If you feel you have the desire, passion and qualification to pursue a career in charity work, you are encouraged to go for it! Charity careers, although challenging, can offer immense job satisfaction and personal fulfilment because they give you the opportunity to work for a noble cause and for something you believe in.

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