Have you considered changing your career recently?

Despite the fact that so many people are quick to tell you that you should simply be happy you have a job in the current economic climate, for many people it feels like changing career is often the only way to get out of the feeling that you're going nowhere in your professional life.

We've all heard the "it's only a job, don't worry about it" line from our friends and family, but it seems that they don't really realise how detrimental being unhappy in your job can be to your personal life. For this reason as have taken a look at some of the best ways for you to get excellent one on one career advice without needing to risk the safety of your current job.

You certainly can't talk to your HR department about considering switching your career elsewhere, so who exactly do you turn to for the best advice on changing career these days?

We recommend calling in to your local government run Job Centre. With Job Centres to be found in almost every town in the United Kingdom you'll never be far away from some really great advice from professionals who know the ins and outs of the employment market like the back of their hands.

Whether you would like to discuss returning to education, taking some additional courses to improve your career prospects or completely getting out of the sector you currently work in and looking towards another, you'll find all the career change advice you could possible want at your local Job Centre.

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