Chalet Host Jobs in Canada

Skiing is extremely popular in Canada, and ski tourism is a huge source of revenue for the country. This is a large industry which generates many jobs, particularly during ski season. Therefore jobseekers can find a large number of chalet host jobs in Canada each year, in some of the many ski resorts in the country.


Job Description

Those who obtain one of the chalet host jobs in Canada are expected to perform a range of duties. One of the primary roles of a chalet host is to provide meals for the guests of the chalet. Generally there will be a set menu which must be followed, and all meals must be provided. This includes a full breakfast, lunch and a substantial evening meal. It is also the responsibility of a chalet host in Canada to ensure that the chalet is fully stocked, by purchasing supplies and visiting the local shops regularly.

Another key aspect of the chalet host's role is to ensure that the rooms within the chalet are cleaned on a daily basis. All bathrooms and bedrooms must be cleaned each day, along with the dining and living areas for the guests. Any chalet host in Canada must make certain that their chalet meets acceptable health and safety standards at all times.


Job Requirements

If you wish to apply for one of the chalet host jobs in Canada it is advisable to have some experience in the hospitality industry. Qualifications in cookery or catering are a distinct advantage, as are language skills. As these positions are based in Canada a good level of French is useful, while German is also an asset. It is also useful for candidates to have a full driving licence, as they will be required to travel within the locality.


Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for this position are friendly, welcoming, energetic and enthusiastic. They must be organised and responsible, and experience with the ski season and the skiing industry is also an advantage. If you are interested in applying for one of the chalet host jobs in Canada you can find further information at http://www.canadajobs.com.

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