Understanding certified training programs

What are certified training programs?

Training programs allow an individual or a group to undergo further training in order to improve their existing skills or to develop new ones. Training programs exist in a variety of formats, both as academic ventures and as vocational ones. You can take part in training programs as a child or as an adult and a very wide range of funding options are available.

If training programs are certified it means that if you successfully complete the requirements, you will be awarded with a certificate. These certificates are usually recognised the world over in various forms or another (some may need equating to a local or domestic qualification in order to take effect) but some are, unfortunately, completely bogus.

Certified training programs can be undertaken in nearly every school, college, university and community centre across a great number of countries. Contact your local educational establishment to find out what is on offer.

How to tell if a program lacks credibility?

Programs which lack credibility can jeopardise your chances of employment because if they are discovered, they cast a shadow of doubt over your remaining qualifications. If you are looking for a certified training program in a certain area of expertise, check with employers and industry authorities or bodies to determine if the qualification is a genuine one. For example, the Global Reporting Initiative runs a series of certified training programs, so in this case you would contact newspapers and magazines who hire writers to see how they recognise such qualifications. If they said that they accept them or recognise them, you should pursue the program but if they do not, the chances are you could be wasting your money.

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