Where to find Centrica jobs in Leicester

Centrica jobs in Leicester aren’t limited to working in their firm’s call centre in Spinneyside as they also have a training academy and their National distribution centre in the area. Each place of work is for the firm’s main business, British Gas, through British Gas Services and British Gas Business.

Centrica plc

Centrica is the parent company of British Gas so you won’t be surprised to read that they are the largest supplier of gas to domestic customers in the UK. As the business has diversified over the years they have also become a major player in the electricity supply business but they still trade under the British Gas name for both utilities in the UK.

British Gas

Centrica operate several firms including Centrica Energy who source, generate, process and trade in oil, gas and power, and Centrica Storage who operate the firm’s gas storage facility in the North Sea and their onshore gas processing terminal in Easington, Yorkshire. But British Gas is their only business operating in Leicester.

British Gas jobs

When you look at Centrica jobs in Leicester on the firm's website, centrica.com/uk/leicester-jobs, you won't just find British Gas engineer jobs. There are jobs available within the firms accounting and administration function, their marketing and customer services departments, as well as on the gas supply side of the business.

British Gas Award

British Gas operates the British Gas Apprenticeship Programme to help the next generation get a foot on the ladder. As part of that initiative, all apprentices are involved with the British Gas Award Programme that’s aligned to the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award.

Final word

Centrica’s literature proudly states that they’re an equal opportunity employer, and with 30% of the workforce being female and 16% from ethnic minority backgrounds they’re an employer who back up their claims. For most people, there’s no such thing as a job for life anymore, but when you look at the Centrica jobs available in Leicester there’s every chance you might change your mind on that.

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