What can you study at a centre for adult education

A centre for adult education is an educational establishment run with the purpose of teaching adults of all ages valuable skills. Some of the courses are funded by the government, particularly if they are related to obtaining a qualification in Maths or English.

The cost of courses run by adult education centres usually start around £45 per term but this may vary depending upon the local authority running the courses. If applicants are in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, in receipt of employment support allowance, aged 16-18, aged 18-24 and enrolling on first level three qualification, enrolling on your first full level 2 qualification, or eligible for a 'step up' to level two progression, you normally only need to pay the £10 administration fee.

Check with your local learning service for information on the education centres which are closest to you.

Courses delivered at a centre for adult education are primarily based around several categories; skills for life, humanities or social studies, languages, British sign language, lifestyle, health and well being, information communication technology, arts, media and publishing and community skills.

Within each of these categories there are a vast amount of courses to choose from, which will enable students to either build on existing skills or learn new ones at a time and a location which is the most suitable for them. For further information on how to enrol or individual course information, contact your local education service who will be able to provide contact numbers and website details.

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