Exciting Cathay Pacific careers in the UK

If you are looking for jobs in the aviation industry, there are some interesting Cathay Pacific careers in the UK that are available at the moment. From pilots and airport ground staff to cabin crew and engineering staff, a career move with one of the most prestigious and well-respected airline in the world is maybe just what you need.

Available positions

Several vacancies are available at the moment such as:

  • Cadet Pilot Second Officer

If you are a Hong Kong ID card holder, you are qualified to participate in this programme. Second officers assist in monitoring approach and departure of flights and work closely with the Captain, First Officer and the flight crew. The entire training programme lasts for 55 weeks. A comprehensive compensation package awaits the successful applicant.

  • Airport Ground Staff

People who are interested in careers with the aviation industry, but would not like to fly all the time will find that working as a ground staff is highly challenging in its own way. Cathay Pacific careers in the UK include several positions for the busy London Heathrow Airport where at least 4 flights a day leave from Terminal 3. There is an opening for a Customer Sales Agent, Service Lead Passenger Service Officer, Recruitment Resourcer, Premium Lounge Host and Cocktail Bar Tender.

  • Other positions

Cabin Crew positions and those for Engineering and Town Office are not available at the moment, but you can always send in your CV in case there are future openings. Have a look as well at other vacancies in the entire industry such as administrator, engineer, retail assistant, passenger service assistant, customer service coordinator, and cocktail bar tender positions. Various locations around the UK are covered such as West Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Bedfordshire and Hampshire.

How to apply

Once you look at Cathay Pacific careers in the UK and find something that fits your profile or interests, you will be taken to The Recruitment Place. It is the partner of Cathay Pacific and is responsible for recruiting staff for the airline. Simply create an account with them and apply for the position you are interested in. The site does not only handle Cathay Pacific openings, but also other opportunities in the aviation industry so you will get the chance to browse and look around for other jobs in your area of specialisation.

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