We check out the best places to apply for catering positions

Are you looking to light the fire under a new career? If you are hitting the wall when it comes to finding a new job, then have you considered switching careers to go into the catering industry? This exciting industry is always on the lookout for bright new staff, and in this blog we are going to check out the best sites on which you can apply for catering positions. So let's have a gander!

Catering is an industry that is seemingly immune to the economic woes befalling the rest of the economy. It is an industry that is experiencing rapid growth thanks to low costs and high profit margins. It is the perfect industry to get yourself into. The main job site of the Catering industry is caterer.com, and this is the main place on which to find general catering jobs in the UK. This site has listings from up to 1,000 different companies at any one time looking for new catering staff. They are your best bet for finding a job in catering or hospitality.

Another site that provides an invaluable service to people looking to snag a job in catering is the Chef World site at chefsworld.net. Chef World is the largest independent site on the internet for jobs and careers in the catering industry and we are massive fans of their simple to use layout, and the fact that they allow you to upload your CV, meaning you can job hunt even when you aren't online. They are well worth a look!


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