Find catering jobs in Crewe today

Catering jobs in Crewe are available in a wide range of establishments, including hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. Vacancies vary from chef positions to bar staff to management roles and the opportunities are open to everyone.

Even if you don't have a long list of qualifications and experience, you can still successfully apply for catering jobs in Crewe. Waiting staff, bar workers and general positions are open to anyone with an interest in working in the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, wages are not that high and most unskilled entrants new to the industry start off on the minimum wage.

There are also plenty of vacancies for qualified chefs in the hospitality industry in Crewe. Openings for different types of chefs, including commis chef, chef de partie and sous chef, can be found on a regular basis in the town. If you're able to deal with working unsociable hours, you could earn over 20k as a chef in Crewe.

One of the quickest ways of finding catering jobs in Crewe is through recruitment agencies. There are a number of recruitment agencies in Crewe that work closely with the hospitality industry and will have an invaluable local knowledge of the jobs market.

There's no substitute for talking to an industry insider when you're trying to land a position and some of the recruitment agencies in Crewe that'll help you find employment opportunities in catering are:

  • Absolute Recruitment - 20 - 22 High Street
  • Akarec Recruitment Solutions - 180a Edelston Road
  • Blue Line Agency - Old Bank House, 93 Main Road


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