Catering jobs in Norfolk

Anyone living in East Anglia looking for an entry career into cooking should consider looking for catering jobs in Norfolk. The Norfolk coast is home to plenty of eating establishments; some will welcome those new to cooking, asking only for some minor waiting or waitressing experience in a busy bar or café environment, while others may expect more of a professional cooking background from the applicant.

In Norwich, the financial district of Norfolk, those looking for catering jobs will have plenty from which to choose. As an entry-level career, consider applying for fast-food chains such as MacDonald’s, Burger King or Subway. These chains have a high staff turnover rate and are always advertising for catering jobs in Norfolk. Most positions will not require any form of catering qualification, save perhaps for a basic Food Hygiene certificate which is often provided and paid for by the company upon getting a job there.

Those looking for more hands-on cooking experience that is a little bit more up-market should consider applying for jobs at Fatsos, Rocco’s, Loch Fyne, or one of the many other establishments dotted around Norwich. As much of the food in these restaurants is cooked using fresh ingredients by actual chefs, you will likely need to have some degree of cooking experience to be able to successfully apply for a job in one of them. If you have a qualification in catering, you may be offered an entry-level position and subsequently receive some hands-on training whilst there, allowing you to further your catering career at one of the many higher-class eating establishments in Norfolk.

No matter how you find your career, catering jobs in Norfolk are certainly in no short supply - just remember that if you have little cooking experience, you’ll need to work your way up the ranks before you can work in some of the better-paid positions.


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