Catering assistant jobs

To become an experience chef or caterer most people will start out as a catering assistant for several years, moving to companies with a better reputation with each new job.

Of course, working in the catering industry doesn't just mean pub lunch food; many catering assistants work in event planning and organisation, work in hotels, banquet evenings or in care homes/other residential homes providing assistance to head chefs. So if you're looking for catering positions don't limit yourself to chain pubs - anywhere that provides food will, more than likely, cook the food and require caterers.

Catering Assistant Qualifications

The qualifications required to become a catering assistant will largely depend on the type of organisation you work for. Some will not expect qualifications and will instead take relevant experience - but if you don't have any experience you'll likely start as a pot washer before moving up to a catering assistant. You can obtain an NVQ Level 1 and 2 in catering and be qualified as a catering assistant in the UK.

Required Skills

Most catering assistants will be required to have excellent communication skills if they're working on the pass. They'll also be required to understand all functions and roles in the kitchen to be flexible, even if they specialise in one area. As a catering assistant you're likely to be working in a team, so team work skills are essential as well as the ability to organise, prioritise and work well under stress.

Career Potential

Catering positions always work in a "ladder" format. You work your way up from a pot washer and can, eventually, become a head chef in a high-flying company. The amount of effort and work you put into being a catering assistant, as well as your experience in different areas, could lead you to become a head chef, senior chef or manager, depending on the career you want to take.


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