Cashier Job in Asda Stores in Newcastle

If you're looking for a cashier job in Asda Newcastle stores or in the Newcastle area you'll have a wide range of positions to choose from, such as:

  • Working behind food counters (pizzas, fresh produce, meat .etc).
  • Normal cashier duties combined with store duties.
  • Baker cashier jobs.

Normally, if you apply to work as a normal cashier working on tills and not in any specific area (such as the pharmacy) you will be expected to carry out other duties alongside cashier duties, like restocking shelves, taking in deliveries or providing customer service.

For any cashier job in Asda including Newcastle stores you will have to apply online at asda.jobs. The website allows you to upload a CV and relevant experience and apply for multiple positions in Newcastle or across the country. You won't be able to hand in a CV to a relevant store because the online application makes use of different eligibility methods, such as questions and hypothetical scenarios.


Typical full-time hours are over 35 per week. Part time hours will vary depending on the position you opt for, but most retailers offer part time jobs an flexible hours. You'll need to be able to work weekends and flexible days in most cases.

Rate of Pay

There is no specified rate of pay for any cashier job in Asda in Newcastle stores. Many will start from minimum wage and raise to around £6.50, but this depends on the details of the contract you obtain from the store.


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