Caseworker jobs in London

Are you looking for caseworker jobs in London? There are many opportunities available. What a caseworker does on a day to day basis depends on the exact position that they are employed in. Caseworkers can work for government agencies, health care facilities, schools and social service agencies.

In the execution of their jobs, caseworkers often collaborate with court systems and law enforcement. It is important to note that caseworkers must emotionally detach themselves from the job, in order to get a subjective view of their clients.

The best place to find caseworker jobs in London are job sites. The best sites to use include careerjet.co.uk, totaljobs.com, jobisjob.co.uk and indeed.co.uk. These sites have a wide range of jobs available ranging from areas as diverse as immigration caseworkers and domestic violence caseworkers. The average salary for these positions is between £12-16 per hour, depending on experience.

It is also worthwhile to read the newspapers in London, as they often have positions for caseworkers advertised. The newspapers we recommend are:

  • The London Evening Standard- found online at thisislondon.co.uk
  • The London Daily- found online at london-daily.co.uk

It is also worth approaching employers directly, with an up to date CV. London has a huge number of caseworker jobs and although a position may not be available with a particular company, your details will be kept on file, so that if a position does become vacant you will be notified and called to an interview.

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