Careers in social care: work to help and support people

What is Social Care?

Social care is community service that involves providing support and help to people who need it. It involves working with different types of people in the community who need care and support in order to live full and valued lives. These people can range from young children, mentally ill patients to the elderly.

Nature of Work

A career in social care may involve working in social care organisations and centres to offer life changing (and sometimes lifesaving) service to people who use social services. People who use social services also include homeless people, people with mental health problems and people with HIV/AIDS.

As a social care worker, you’ll often work in care organisations and centres in your community which can be privately owned, voluntary entities or divisions run by the local authority. Due to the nature of work involved, a career in social care may require the service giver to work closely with other professionals and stakeholders to ensure things run smoothly.

Some of the stakeholders involved are the police, community nursing staff and different local authority workers such as staff at the local Department of Health. Stake holders usually have similar goals of working to ensure members of the community live valued, productive lives.

Employment Prospects

Employment prospects for social care service givers are wide and varied. Social care givers can find employment as home and housing support workers. Here, they help vulnerable people, including people with alcohol and drug addictions to continue living and working toward recovery within their own homes. Home care support carers not only work to help their clients become independent individuals, but active members of the community too.

Other areas of possible employment include Day Care centres for both children and adults who need help in developing social skills, respite units and care homes for people who need to take breaks from everyday routines for personalised care services, such as bathing and dressing services.

Qualified social care workers can expect to earn good work remunerations for their service. Career care givers can earn anywhere from £10 to £25 per hour, depending on their level of skill and experience in any of many areas of service in careers in social care.

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