How to get careers in Liverpool

Rather than having a job, many people want careers. Liverpool is a city that is full of opportunities, whether you want to work in the shipping yard or you’re more interested in computer programming. While looking for careers in Liverpool, you need to make sure that you have a well written CV.

What Can You Bring the Company?

Make sure that you list all of your skills and explain how they’ll help the company. Yes, employers want to know more about you but in a way that links to them. List skills from previous jobs, volunteer work and your time at university.

Your Qualifications

You don’t need to list all of your GCSEs that you gained. Simply stating that you gained 10 GCSEs grades A-C (or whatever you have gained) will do. If there are certain subjects that link to your job application then list them, such as languages, English skills and maths. You should list you’re A-levels and any further education that you’ve completed.

Your Work Experience

This can be difficult. If you’ve been in and out of jobs then you should list the skills that you’ve gained and briefly explain where you gained those skills. Too much jumping between jobs looks bad because employers will fear that you’ll leave quickly.

Search for Recruitment Agencies

Once you have your CV, it’s worth doing some research into the recruitment agencies. This is where many high level companies will advertise their vacancies and accept applications from. There are two popular recruitment agencies on Castle Street, Liverpool: Search Consultancy and Brook Street. They both offer part time and full time careers in Liverpool.

If you're looking for careers in the travel industry, there is Thomas Cook, which is located on Lord Street. Or you can help people with their financial problems by becoming a member of the Royal Liver Assurance team, which can be found on Pier Head. There are also a wide variety of port-side careers in Liverpool, due to the number of ferries to Ireland.


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