Types of careers in the health care field

Careers in the health fields usually require somebody who can deliver utmost dedication to what they do. If you are passionate of other people’s state of wellbeing, there are many capacities from where you can undertake a career in the health field.

Medical doctors

This is the highest level of achievement in the health care profession. To become a doctor, you must have attained extremely high grades in your high school years. Doctors undergo rigorous academic and practical training.

If you wish to become a doctor, you must be ready to be in class for about five academic years and an addition of one or two years of residency. As a reward for the long time, doctors are some of the best paid professionals in the world. To get a speciality like in surgery, paediatrics and gynaecology, you must have additional years of majoring.


Nursing is a very important branch of the careers in health care. Without nurses, it would be difficult for doctors to do any meaningful work. Just like doctors, for you to qualify for a career in nursing, you must have achieved exceptional performance in high school. The training, unlike the doctors’, does not take many years.

A career in nursing involves the everyday care of patients and other minor duties that a doctor can perform. As it is one of the most emotional and involving careers, it requires a calling rather than just a career choice.

Laboratory technicians

This is the technical aspect of careers in the health care field. It involves the maintenance and operation of medical equipment. Some medical equipment requires manning by specially trained personnel. For a career as a laboratory technician, you must undergo machine operation, repair and maintenance training from a recognised institution.

Medical laboratory scientists

This is the career line that allows you to make diagnosis and test patient’s samples. In this line, you can specialise in biomedical research, haematology, and cytology among others.  As a medical laboratory scientist you must stay updated about new and emerging forms of ailments and how to carry out their diagnosis.

The NHS offers good advice and what is expected of you when you get into careers in the health care fields. You can access important information at nhscareers.nhs.uk. Allied healthcare, a major employer in the health field, also gives insightful information about careers in health care. you can visit them at alliedhealthcare.com.

A university’s career advisor is also in a position to explain the expectations and commitments you must make if you are interested in a health career.

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