Careers in audit - a rewarding life long job

Auditing has become one of the most important functions in world of business and finance. Auditing is undertaken to verify and record the reliability of information used in business. This can include financial or business information.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that audit is purely a financial undertaking.

In fact under laws and legal regulations any kind of data that can be used by companies to make tax returns or may be part of official financial reporting has to audited independently.

An audit can provide in dependent assessment of a company's systems of internal control.

Some of the largest companies in the world like Price Waterhouse Cooper, Deloiite and Touche and Mazars are accountancy and audit experts.

You can search for graduate positions with these companies on their websites, PWC.com, Deloitte.com and Mazars.com.

Most of the positions within these companies require staff to become a chartered or certified public accountant. These qualifications are awarded by third party professional bodies such as the ACCA or the ICA. Full details of these courses can be found at both ACCAglobal.com and  CIMAglobal.com.

In addition to this the official website for the Institute of Charters accountants in England and Wales, ICAEWfirms.co.uk, has a full list of courses and firms to help find careers in audit available throughout the UK.

Achieving a qualification in accountancy can be very difficult with over a dozen exams in some cases but the rewards can be massive. Professional fees for auditing are amongst some of the largest in business.

Best of luck with your job hunt.

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