Careers abroad are the way to go

Pursuing careers abroad can be very stimulating and  much more exciting than a career in one's home country.

As well as being a great opportunity to develop one?s career, it also offers exciting travel and the chance to meet interesting people and encounter diverse cultures. There are many different reasons why people choose to work abroad but the opportunity to travel is often cited as one of the main ones.

Working abroad is especially popular with young people, many of whom decide to prolong their stay abroad after participating in a short-term study programme. Others are motivated by the opportunity to learn new languages, international politics, travel experiences and also what they hear about working abroad from  friends and family members.

For those interested in short-term job experiences of a year or two abroad the six main areas are teaching English, volunteer work, non-profit making organisations, jobs in the travel industry and the medical sector as well as the construction sector.

Individuals who are interested in long-term international careers tend to look toward government, international organisations, educational institutions, consulting firms, and multinational corporations. Many of these individuals have advanced degrees and a great deal of international experience.

Over the past 20 years there has been an increasing number of international opportunities for entrepreneurs. Today's global economy offers numerous opportunities for individuals to start up their own companies abroad to sell products and services as well as start their own import-export businesses.

Careers abroad will not suit everyone but can be very rewarding.

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