Try a career quiz for a new job direction

Would you: a) prefer to stay in the same old boring career, b) grab the best-paid opportunity that comes your way, or c) do a little research that might help you find the career that is the best fit for your personality? If the answer was c, a fun online career quiz could point you in the direction of an important life change. Just don't take them too seriously, and be aware that they usually want to sell you a book or DVD at the end of the quiz.

TestQ (testq.com) offers a series of careers-related quizzes, to discover what motivates you, whether you are a workaholic, whether you are good at dealing with people, or with ideas. It's not too scientific but might at least help focus on your strengths and assets.

Career Psychometrics (careerpsychometrics.com) promise that their three minute test will help you analyse which careers you have an aptitude for, and give you an insight into why employers are placing so much trust in careers tests. You will need to register with the site for free analysis of your quiz answers.

The quiz at the Career Path website (careerpath.com) follows an intriguing pattern. It matches two different job title and asks you which you prefer. Question 1, for example, asks if you would rather be a Landscaping Architect or a Marketing Communications Specialist.

The aim of the career quiz is to build up a nuanced picture of your personality, preferences and career goals over the course of 24 questions. You'll need to fill out a form and register with the site to receive an analysis of your answers.

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