Quick guide - Career finder test

A career finder test helps you to find a new career that is suited to your personality. Taking this test may be useful if you are facing any one of these situations:

  • Changing jobs
  • Getting a job for the first time
  • Want to change your career

Sites to go

Here are the sites you can go to, to do your test:

  1. Colorwize.com/careerfindertest.html
  2. Careerpath.com
  3. Futureproofyourcareer.com/free-career-finder.html
  4. Careerfindertest.org


Click on 'free career test' and find 298 careers listed. You will have to do a colour test first so that the top 40 careers can be matched to your personality. Your favourite colours out of 12 of them is called your colour signature. This test takes you 10 minutes to complete.


This site has a number of career tests, depending on your objective; 'just starting out', 'considering a career change' and 'curious about your chosen career path'. Here are all of the tests available:

  • Career planner quiz
  • Career planner report
  • Colour career counsellor
  • Colour career indicator 4.0
  • Job satisfaction quiz
  • Job discovery wizard


In order to take the career quiz here, you will have to enter your name and email address first. Find out what the career test will reveal about you on the left navigation bar of the site, and decide if you wish to proceed.


Look at the top left navigation and find the four links to:

  • Career finder test
  • Career personality test
  • Future career test
  • Career test for kids


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