Your common career dilemmas answered

Career dilemmas: we all face them in some way or another. Because you spend so much of your time in work, it's important to be happy with what you do and to avoid doing anything that may jeopardise your career advancement prospects. Here we answer some of your most common career dilemmas...

Common career dilemmas answered!

Career dilemma one: Should you ask for a raise?

Asking for a raise can be a sensitive subject, no matter how well you get on with your boss or how long you've been in the company. However, if the company isn't showing the initiative by offering you an increment when you think that you deserve one, it may be time to make the first step. Before you ask for a raise, consider:

  • Is the company struggling financially? Asking for a raise at a difficult time might suggest that you aren't a team player.
  • Have you done something recently that deserves recognition? Have you, for example, generated sales or improved efficiency?
  • How do you compare to the other members of your team? If you've been there longer and have more responsibility, you may have a good case for a raise.

Career dilemma two: Should you tell you boss that you're interviewing elsewhere?

Where possible, don't tell your boss that you are looking for another job or interviewing with another company. Even if you think that this will give you greater bargaining powers in your current company, the boss may decide that you aren't a team player and look for a replacement.

Career dilemma three: Are office romances ok?

This is one of the more old fashioned career dilemmas. In most modern workplaces, office romances are widely accepted and rarely an issue. However if there is a question of subordination (e.g. you are dating your boss), human resource policy guidelines may apply.

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