Need some advice? Try career consultants

Sometimes we need a little outside perspective to get some insight into our careers choices. Professional career consultants can evaluate your skills, personality and qualifications and make some astute suggestions about what might lie ahead down the career road.

Some consultants will use psychometric tests to identify personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, skills and preferred working styles. This is not a completely scientific process but can be a useful tool.

There are numerous commercial career consultants online, but you also have the option of seeking guidance from government-funded careers advice centres where a range of advisory services and resources is available.

Career Consultants (careerconsultants.co.uk) run by careers writer Sarah Berry and a team of consultants, offer a variety of careers advice and consultancy services online. These can be as basic as assessing the strength of your CV to honing interview technique, profiling potential careers and calculating typical salaries to give you an idea of your value in the workplace.

Appleby Associates (applebyassociates.com) offer executive career consultancy. Their speciality is advising clients who have reached a career crossroads or face redundancy and want to reappraise their job choices. Career consultants evaluate experience and qualifications, set goals and look at practical and realistic ways of reaching them.

Career Balance (careerbalance.co.uk) offer professional career coaching, working on presentation and marketing your skills, and perfecting the art of the job application and interview. They deal with a range of clients from senior executives to recent graduates. Their career consultants have a broad range of experience across numerous industries and professions.

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