How to become a career consultant

Career consultants can advise students in schools and universities; they may also work as part of a human resources team in large companies; others set up their own career consultancy businesses. There are a lot of possibilities.

Qualifications needed to be a Career Consultant

There are no specific qualifications required. You need to enjoy working with people, and be able to have access to a wide variety of jobs and careers. However, a degree in psychology would be useful, and may be a requirement for some specific jobs. You could also get a postgraduate diploma in occupational psychology, since this would give you a knowledge of the kind of psychological tests needed to assess someone's interests and aptitudes. However, this is rarely a requirement for a career counsellor, unless you want to go on to be an occupational psychologist.

Useful Experience for  Career Consultant

Most job positions will require you to have some sort of relevant experience.  What is relevant experience? Anything which shows you have knowledge of the job market would be useful, such as working for a recruitment agency, any work in human resources, or work with students and young people. If you are still a student, voluntary work with your school's or college's career advisor would be very useful, and would also give you an idea if you like the work.

Looking for a Job

There are no specific places where you can look for jobs of this type. If you want to be a career counsellor, the best thing to do is keep an eye on jobs in human resources and at schools and colleges. You could also consider setting up your own business, starting off by targeting your local area, and putting ads in schools and colleges.

Career counselling is the sort of career in which it may take a while to become established, but eventually it will be very rewarding. Good luck!

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