3 reasons why you need career coaching

Most people don't need career coaching, especially since it can be quite costly. But what if you have been jobless for months now? Are you aiming for at least, a moderately high level position? If so, career coaching can be money well spent for you.

Depending on the package that you choose, your career coaching may complete in a matter of less than 20 hours in total. This is often a combination of one on one support and, email and phone support. One on one support represents the bulk of coaching; about 80% of it.

"Tell me about yourself"

If you have been to interviews often enough, you should see that this is almost a staple question,but how prepared are you for it? A career coach will help you to have several answers to this question. This way, there is always one answer you can use.

How often do you send out your CV?

Maybe you are inconsistent or just plain unmotivated. Consider this advice from a career coach: send out three to five CVs a day. Compare this to your previous effort and you start to see how many times you have upped your chances of getting hired. At the same time, you will feel more motivated and thus, confident.

How do you package yourself?

Have you ever taken this perspective of packaging (or repackaging) yourself in a certain way? More importantly, do you know how to do it? A career coach can help you do just this, and more.

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