The career choice quiz

A career choice quiz if designed to help you find out what sort of career suit your personality and aptitudes. Some of these tests are designed by qualified occupational psychologists, and they have been carefully tested to make sure that they are testing what they set out to test. Others are devised by ordinary people who are experienced in this field, and are based on experience and common sense.

What sort of questions are asked in a career choice quiz?

Typical questions will assess the type of person you are, and what you like doing. For instance, they might ask, "Do you like working with other people, or alone?" or "Do you like being told what to do with clear instructions, or prefer having to work things out for yourself?" A series of questions like this will suggest a range of careers which might be suitable, and others will definitely be ruled out. For instance, if you like working with other people, don't enjoy office work, and want to be supervised, the work of a freelance writer or office manager would definitely not suit you, but many other jobs might.

Is a career choice quiz an intelligence test?

It is most definitely not an IQ test! However, occupational psychologists and others might use IQ tests in conjunction with career choice quizzes to get a fuller picture of your aptitudes.

What about career choice quizzes in magazines?

Some of these are very good, but some should be taken with a pinch of salt! They have not been proved to work. However, they may give you some insight into your own personality and what sort of job you might enjoy, so they are worth a try.


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