Your career change at 50

Career Change at 50 Reasons

A career change at 50 may be inevitable if your employer deems you redundant. You might need to change careers at 50, if you experience job burnout that makes you lose interest. As your work life draws close to its end, maybe you want to finally follow a dream job that you did not pursue because of family responsibilities.

Steps for Making a Career Change at 50

Take inventory of your existing skills before you embark on a career change at 50. Identify the experience that you can bring to your new career, with out additional training. With a lifetime of job skills at your disposal, making the transition to a new field may be as simple as trading a classroom teaching career for one as a motivational speaker or coaching. As a skilled trades person, you can make a career change at 50 from doing trade work to training newcomers to your trade speciality.

Skills Upgrade Before a Career Change at 50

If you are contemplating a career change at 50, explore additional skills that could help you change your current occupation. If you are employed, participate in employer training opportunities to get skills you don't have. Spruce up your curriculum vita by learning new computer software that you might need when you make your career change at 50.

Take classes or sign up for internships in a field that you might enjoy if you are not employed full-time.


When you make your career change at 50, don't overlook networking. Get to know people who hold the position you want. Networking events in your new career field are also a great way to meet the people who hire for positions in your chosen new field.


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