A sales career in banking - How to get more sales and clients

A career in banking may not be for everyone but if sales is your forte, this is a department that you will find in virtually any business, including the business of banking.

What is my job role?

You are responsible for getting other businesses to open accounts in the bank you are working for. The more new accounts open under your charge, the more successful you are. At the minimum, you should hit your monthly target. If you fail to do so in three consecutive months, you may get a warning letter.

How do I get more sales?

Set up more client appointments

You will need to get out of the office and meet clients. Schedule more presentations and luncheons to get and close more deals.

Polish up your presentation

Are you convincing to your clients during presentations? Be honest with yourself. If possible, get feedback from your colleagues, superior and even the clients themselves. If you are not up to par, it's time to practice. Set up mock presentations with your colleagues and even family members. Most of all, get feedback and be willing to improve.

How do I get more clients?

The short answer is, make more cold calls. Motivate yourself that if you can get one client out of every ten calls, it's definitely worth it. You are also paving road for the near future, because many clients who may not do business with you now will actually do so months later. Be patient. With good performance, you will also get referrals from existing clients.

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