Where to find the best care training in the UK

Getting into the care industry will just about guarantee you a great-paying job for the rest of your life. As the population ages, and more people struggle with health care problems due to obesity and inactivity, care assistants and care specialists will be in high demand.

If you want to get into the care industry and be offered the best jobs, having care training in the UK will definitely help. Here's where to find the best.

Primary Care Training (primarycaretraining.co.uk) - One of the best care training centres in the UK, Primary Care Training offers both distance learning training and short courses on-site. Taking distance learning classes is a great way to be trained while still being able to make money and work. On-site courses are usually held over one day or a couple of days, so don't require much time commitment.

Look at classes like Diabetes Management in Primary Care, Women's Health in Primary Care, and Primary Health Care Assistant training.

Advance Care Training (advancecaretraining.com) - A private training centre for NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) Care and related care training, Advance Care Training is based in Nottingham. They offer courses in Working with Medicines, Records and Handling Information, Principles of Care, Understanding Dementia and lots more.

Check out their course catalogue online and download the details of each course in PDF format.

Ace Care (acecareuk.co.uk) - One of the UK's top health care training centres, Ace Care offers more than 70 courses in subjects like Autism, Abuse Awareness, Catheter Care, Safeguarding Adults, Paediatric First Aid and HIV and AIDS, as well as Mandatory Training courses.

You can also sign up for courses online, if you're only available for distance learning.

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