Care support worker jobs

Care support worker jobs vary depending on where you're working and who you're working with. In most cases, the general job description requires to the provide assistance to someone, or a group of people, with different needs. You could be providing support for:

  • Elderly people with physical or mental difficulties.
  • Clients with learning disabilities.
  • People with physical disabilities who require extra assistance.
  • Service users who have challenging behaviour.
  • Young children in residential homes or with any kind of disability.

Where you will be working will also depend on the company you work with. For example, you could be working in a residential home for elderly people, young people, or delivering support to individuals in their own home looking to gain independence. Work can be found with private organisations or national organisations (such as the NHS).

Qualities for Care Support Worker Jobs

Not everyone will be able to handle support work positions. Some jobs can be easier than others, but you generally need a few good qualities to do well in the field or obtain a job. Most support workers are:

  • Compassionate about providing care to those in need.
  • Treat everyone in a dignified manner and do not discriminate against any kind of illness or disability.
  • Supportive and respectful to all service users.
  • Good at working in a team and alone.
  • Able to work under pressure and stress in some instances and be able to work longer hours (i.e., night shifts), weekends and rota work.

Qualifications Required

Each employer will expect a different level of experience or qualifications. Sometimes you won't need any experience at all as the company will train you, but others require care support worker positions to be filled by someone who has an NVQ and at least one year's of experience. If you're looking to make a career out of care work you should look for a position that requires no experience and ask the employer if they will allow you to undertake an NVQ for future work.

Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for care support worker jobs does, again, differ from company to company. Some pay minimum wage while others will pay considerably higher amounts. You'll normally find a higher rate of pay if you're qualified and have a lot of experience, or if the service users pose a greater risk to carers.

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