Where to look for care jobs Tyne and Wear

Interested in doing your bit for the community and getting a social worker job? This noble pursuit is rewarding both in terms of the financial aspect and also the good feeling that can be fostered from doing your bit in the community. If you're living in the Newcastle area, then we're going to show you how to secure care jobs in Tyne and Wear.

As one of the UK's largest population centres, there's always a massive demand for social care jobs in the Tyne and Wear region. Your first port of call on the hunt for these jobs should be the official NHS website at jobs.nhs.uk. This website contains links to all the official NHS care jobs in the region.

The NHS website is an unbelievable resource for all types of care jobs with advice for jobseekers looking for care jobs, links to training courses to help you get better jobs in this field. You can search for jobs by rate of pay and also by the area, so simply put Tyne and Wear into the search engine and let it do its work.

Our next site that we are going to suggest for you is the biggest specialised social care jobs site out there, and that is social-care-jobs.co.uk. This site is another brilliant resource for care jobs as it contains a lot of private care jobs you won't find on the NHS website. It's another site that allows you to refine your search by area, and also by salary expectation, so you get a full idea of what's on the market.

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